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About us

Who We Are

Shenzhen Shizong Sihai Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 and is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. With a floor area of 5,000 square meters, the company is dedicated to the global auto dent repair business. With over 10 years of experience in the auto dent repair industry, is a leading global brand of car dent repair tools and windshield repair equipment, integrating production, research and development, sales, and service.Driven by the philosophy of "seeking survival with strength and development with innovation", our leading brands "Super PDR" and "PDR" have become brands in the global auto dent repair industry.

The company has an excellent R&D team, over 300 employees, and more than 10 production lines. It has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and owns multiple international and domestic trademarks, appearance patents, invention patents, and copyrights for auto dent repair tools and windshield repair equipment. Super PDR represents technologically advanced, innovative, and industry-leading solutions, and has established quality standards for the global auto dent repair industry. At present, the company provides a rich series of products to more than 200 countries and markets on five continents, and has more than 1,500 business partners.

We warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to establish cooperative relationships, strive to create the concept of "technology•innovation•trend", and work hard for a better future for the global auto dent repair industry, contributing to the rapid development of the entire automotive industry chain.

How We Started

In 2010, traditional sheet metal spray painting was very polular while the use of a large amount of paint caused pollution, and when a car had a dent, people always went to repair shop to re-spray paint. As a car dent repair expert, our founder Yunliang Yang wanted to change. He found that 80% of car dents can be repaired without damaging the paint, and can be operated by oneself without professional maintenance personnel, so he designed the earliest car dent repair tool and established Super PDR.

We never stopped. In 2016, we found the success rate of glass repair in the world was less than 60% with obvious repair traces left on the glass. Also, the production of windshield requires huge power energy and mineral resources, accompanied by a large Industrial waste - each piece of windshield causes 15KG carbon emissions. Super PDR researched the principle of glass cracks and launched our own car glass repair tool, which will reduce the repair time from 60-180 minutes to 5-30 minutes, the success rate is increased to over 90%, it has become the world's leading auto glass repair tool.

                  World's First Glass Repair Device                            Before And After Repaired

Why Trust Us

The design and quality of Super PDR products have been leading the development of the entire industry, we created the initial technical theory and video of personal dent repair, we designed the earliest repair tools, we provide consumers and partners the best support in industry.

· Our technical support team provides 24/7 service to ensure timely help.

· We have leading R&D and design capabilities, which lead to the highest success rate of dent repair in the industry.

· With the highest quality level in the industry, we bring our customer better using experience.

· We invest a lot in R&D, creating the glass repair theory exclusively, and independently developed the world's first automotive smart glass repair equipment, achieving the fastest repair speed, the best effect and the highest efficiency.

· Our customers are located in more than 180 countries around the world, we have rich experience in international trade and have the ability to ensure smooth cooperation with customers and partners.

· Super PDR is based on reputation, we and our customers have uploaded many videos of successful repair on social media like YouTube, Facebook, VK and so on, which has enhanced the brand image.

What we do makes who we are, we offer best products and best service, we are Super PDR.