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FAQs and Notes

Frequently Asked Questions About Dent Repair

Q: Which dents can be repaired and which cannot?
A: Some smooth dents and hail dents can be well repaired, while the dent edges need more patience with different tools. Some tiny dents caused by sharp object is hard to repair. If the part with tiny dent can be removed or the backside of the dent is within reach, you can directly deal with it with line board, tap down pen and rubber hammer. Never use a iron hammer or other hard objects to repair, which may damage the paint. The tools do not work if the paint is already damaged.

Q: ls the operation simple?
A: It is very simple to operate. With careful reading of tutorial and our guidance, even a beginner without any experience can make it.

Q: What should I do if the glue doesn't work well?
1.The glue works better in sunny days with temperature between 20 and 28°C.
2.The effect of the glue depends on humidity and temperature. Normally, the melted glue will dry within 2-5 minutes in summer days and 1-3 minutes in cold days. However the actual situation could be different, sometimes 20 seconds might also be enough.
3.If the tab falls off in the process of repair, the reason could be various, such as the lack of glue, too high temperature of car body or incorrect operation. You are supposed to apply more glue, turnoff the engine, and operate repeatedly until it's done.

Notes About Dent Repair

· If the paint of your car is not original, we suggest you not to buy our tools as it may damage the paint.

· Glue sticks or repair tools bought from some local stores may fail to do the job as expected. They can't guarantee a good repair effect and may damage the paint. Our tools are professionally designed and have been proven better by customers in the past years. The paint won't be damaged and the repair effect is pretty good if operated correctly.

· Do not use the glue gun with car charging when the dent is on hood, which will cause high temperature and influence the effect of the glue.

· Do not repair under the blazing sun because the high temperature of car body will influence the effect of the glue.

· If the glue becomes fragile in an extremely cold environment, you could pour hot water or use PDR C to heat the dent first and then apply the glue.

· When applying the glue, remember to start from the center of the tab and in a circle inside and out, make sure the glue is even and full on the tab.