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Quality Issue and Failed Repair Support

Unlike in repair shop, personal Dent Repair does not guarantee a 100% success rate, Super PDR already provides the highest one compared to other brands. But still, there could be a chance that the dent cannot be fully removed. It depends on shape and location of the dent, and the operator. We've listed all possible situations and reasons that could lead to a failure. Click here to take a look.

If you find your dent repair failed, please contact us first, our experts would help you check the situation, analyse the reason, of course then offer guide to improve the result. 
Here are how to get connected with us:

Online Support - click the icons below to get online assistance

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Email - drop us an Email when online support does not reply in time

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The same also apply to any other quality issues or missing parts. We have established a double-check mechanism to avoid such problems, however it's not always perfect. Your understanding will be appreciated and we'll also keep improving.